Indemnity Form

I/We have read and agree to be bound by the rules & conditions of Peak-to-Peak Xtreme Enduro.

I/We, the signatory to this document, do hereby state and agree that I/we are aware that driving/riding or racing any
vehicle & use of any equipment has certain inherent dangers and accordingly, I/we (in my personal capacity & as agent
for & on behalf of my dependants whom I warrant have duly authorized me to sign on their behalf) hereby indemnifies &
hold harmless & free liability Enduro League or any associate company or person/s, it’s MEMBERS, DIRECTORS,

I accordingly absolve and hold free of any legal liability Peak-to-Peak Xtreme Enduro, any associated sponsor, the
organizers of any event where Peak-to-Peak Xtreme Enduro are instructed or organize or offer their services, their
OWNERS, EMPLOYEES AND OFFICIALS from any injury – fatal or otherwise – sustained by myself/ourselves/spouse/family members, friends or persons in my/our care of any loss or damage to property in my/our
possession or any loss of whatever kind that may be sustained during any competition or any practice run or leisure ride
and, insofar as I/we make use of or drive any vehicle, motorcycle, kart or quad and am duly authorized on behalf of the
owner to furnish the indemnities given or whilst attending any event, fun day, leisure ride or while the said vehicle is on
any road or area forming part of the track or route, or any deviation therefrom or any approach by whatever means such
damage, injury or loss may be caused and even though that same may be contributed to or be caused by the wilful act,
neglect or default of any official, agent, servant or representative of Peak-to-Peak Xtreme Enduro or any promoter,
organizer, guarantor or sponsor.

RIDERS UNDER THE AGE OF 18YRS – Parent/Guardian/Curator* (delete which is not applicable)
In my capacity of parent/guardian/curator* I hereby do consent to the participation of my son/daughter riding Peak-to-
Peak Xtreme Enduro & I agree that this form of consent be read as part and parcel of, and together with the abovementioned
form of indemnity which I have also signed this day and the contents of which are fully understood by me and
my son/daughter. I furthermore acknowledge that I accept that my dependants and I are bound by rules set out by Peakto-
Peak Xtreme Enduro. I/We hereby acknowledge that I am fully conversant with, and hereby assume the risks, dangers
and perils of motorsport & leisure riding.